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Staff & Vision

The Purpose of...

These forums:
The purposeof Malgus-RP is to have a meeting place and organisation hub for the RP community on the Darth Malgus server. This includes the advertisement and promotion of roleplay, as well as discussions, articles and the like that are relevant to roleplay. This forum's purpose is NOT to enforce a global server canon in the community.

The Administrators:
Administrators keep the Malgus-RP platforms running smoothly. They handle the day-to-day working of the forum, and delegate most direct maintenance to the moderator teams. Due to the responsibility of this position it is recommended you approach them privately with any larger or important issues you may have rather than contacting them in an open space.

The Moderators:
Moderators enforce the rules and guidelines of the Malgus-RP community directly, and are on hand to answer questions and help members when possible. A moderator answers directly to the administrator team. A moderator's role is NOT to be a dungeon-master nor a guild-leader, and they can NOT take any action for what happens in-game or anywhere that isn't the malgus-rp forums.

Spoiler: Current StaffShow

Rules & Guidelines

Do's and Don'ts Guidelines for posting on Malgus-RP

- Don't make multiple posts on the same topic for the purpose of getting attention.

- Don't cross-post the same topic to multiple categories or post the same message to multiple threads.

- Don't post a thread addressed directly to / or about another player. Send a private message instead. We promote people sorting out problems directly with the person their issue is with, whether it be a member, moderator, or an administrator. However, you can approach another member of staff for advice or mediation.

- Do not post inappropriate material, as with SWTOR, the site is PG-16 unless stated otherwise or in specific forum or chat sections.

- Don't use the forums to advertise the sale of characters or items for real-world money.

- Do not begin or take part in political (real life politics) discussions in any forum, including General Discussion. This also includes signature images on the forums; please do not use your signature to endorse a political candidate.
If a discussion diverts to a new topic, create a new thread for that purpose if the OP requests it.

- Do not make posts that inquire about, contain the same information as, or comment on other removed or locked posts/topics - provided that a Moderator has not said so otherwise.

- If a member's behavior becomes detrimental to the goals of the website or the community itself, then the administrators reserve the right to remove that member's ability to post on the site.

- In the case of ambiguity, the administration reserves the right to judge what does or doesn't break the rules.

Rules of Conduct - Proper behaviour

- Do stay on topic for the category/channel and thread you are in and keep it relevant.

- Do feel free to disagree but keep it constructive and appropriate.

- Do be welcoming to newcomers.

- Do ask if you have questions of the staff. We're here to help!

- Don't use your post, avatar, nickname, or signature to attack, bait or insult someone.

- Don't turn your disagreement into an attack on another person or group.

- Don't engage in name-calling, harassment, or threats.

- Don't disparage any religion, race, nation, gender, or sexual orientation.

- Don't infringe upon another person's privacy rights.

- Images on the site should be relevant to the topic at hand.

- Images you post should either be copyright-free or something you hold the copyright to. The administration team will not be going about checking every single image posted, but if we get requests from an artist about the use of an image, we reserve the right to ask you to adjust the post or remove the image.

Signature & Avatar Policies

- Political and religious images or text are not allowed in signatures or avatars.

- If there is any illegal content within the signature or avatar, we reserve the right to ask you to adjust the avatar or remove it. This includes any possible copyright infringement. If we get requests from an artist about the use of an image, we reserve the right to ask you to adjust the avatar or remove it.


If you fail to adhere to the rules, here are a few of the actions that might be taken against you, based on the severity of the violation.

- Editing of post or signature

- Removal of the ability to have a signature or link and image posting privileges / access to channels

- Deletion of the post or thread

- Locking of the thread

- Removal of forum viewing and/or posting privileges

Although, the staff reserves the right to take action without prior warning, we do have a general guide to enforcement.

- A thread will not locked without warning.

- A member will be asked to change a post, signature, etc. before moderator action is taken.

- A reason for the action will be sent to the user(s) affected.

- Prior to being banned permanently a member will receive: a warning, a 3 day ban, and a 7 day ban.

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Reposted so the thread is properly tied to the administration account.

Edited for: reflecting changes in the moderation team and adding a minor clarification regarding the use of copyrighted images.
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