Empire side specifically, I believe the biggest question we all had was about the current status of the Dark Council. Emperor/Empress I too believe changes little when it comes to RP, unless it is something directly linked to the issue. I believe most of the Sith RP is more dependant on the Spheres, which retain the same consolidation regardless of player choice and I think that was the most pressing matter post-KotET to have an official word on. At least now people have an official reference to move their RP forward in the timeline if they were still cautiously lingering pre-Iokath.

Rep side I think it's even easier, since the Jedi Order status is completely disconnected from the player choice and for all the military RP it's just a matter of being into a resource shortage situation. Some units will fare a bit better than others regarldess of player choice, I think, but overall none are in a position to claim full efficiency as they were pre-KotFE if they are still in place.

Being someone who usually RPs neutral or independent characters, I'm not overly bothered by either and what is certain beyond player choice is more than enough for my characters to have a clear idea of the status of the Galaxy, if they even care for it. Knowing for certain what's up with the Hutt Cartel is definitely a plus for me, as at least one of my characters has still direct interactions with it. :p