As the door opened and closed behind him, the robed figure of the Zabraki Sith known as ‘Kelo’ would enter the room, sitting down on the meditation mat before the altar, where lay the components of a weapon. Digging into the many folds of his robes, the Sith retrieved a crimson crystal, which he would, with a flick of his wrist, telekinetically elevate into the air and place on the altar.

Placing his hands on his lap, the Dark Side could be sensed as Kelo tapped into the Force, unveiling his Presence, which he had Dampened upn until that moment. Extending a tendril of Force energy, the components of the lightsaber laid on the altar would levitate into the air before moving towards the Sith, halting in the air between the Sith and the altar before him.

Floating there were the many components of a lightsaber -- blade emitter, power cell, flux aperture, et cetera -- though one shone brightest. The crimson crystal the Sith had created a day or so before: he himself lacked the knowledge of how long the forging had taken. Removing his right hand from its position in his lap, Kelo would make a simple gesture, the power cell sparking, a slight change perceptible through the lens of the Force. Making another gesture, the lightsaber components would approach one another before clicking together, the crystal in the center of the blade shining one last time before being encapsulated in eternal darkness.

Awaking from his meditation, the Sith would grasp the curved hilt of the-- his lightsaber, making sure the blade emitter was pointed away from him, before pressing the activating stud on the hilt.
With a soft ‘zhoom’, the blade would come alive, a crimson burst of power rising from the emitter of his lightsaber.
A soft chuckle escaped the unmasked Sith, gazing at the cardinal blade he held in his hand. With this weapon at his side he would conquer.