This ad can be found on shadier Holonet sites and occasionally more physical ad boards around Hutt space, as well as Anyport.

FOR SALE: Zakuulan Medical Equipment, Excellent Condition

Looking to sell following items, individually or as a lot for moderate discount:

  • Enzymer (IDs bio residue and makes counter agents for diseases)
  • Enzyme extractor (bioengineers will understand)
  • Surgery kit (incl. laser scalpel, saw, scissors, sterilising equip.)
  • Zakuulan bioscanner (contains info on adv. Zak medical treatments)
  • Zakuulan nervesplicers (more effective than your common nervesplicer)

May inspect merchandise beforehand - bioscanner may be inspected briefly. Accepting reasonable offers. Credits only. If interested, contact provided frequency. Ask for Sy.


I'm looking for short transaction RP, but if it leads to better and more exciting things down the line, awesome!

Because some of this stuff is a bit esoteric, I've provided descriptions in a spoiler below along with an estimated price for these items if they were brand new. I've given these values as guidelines so you know where I'm coming from in terms of value before you make an offer and I've assumed Zakuulan tech is just flat out better (and therefore more expensive) than anything else on the market, due to their ridiculous technological advancement. If you're interested, shoot me a PM through enjin (IC or OOC) and we can arrange a meeting in game. I'm also happy to answer OOC questions.

Spoiler: Item DescriptionsShow