indicates something that isn’t public knowledge, but could be discovered through some form of investigation and/or research into Imperial Databases given that while uncommon knowledge, it is not difficult to acquire.

indicates something that isn’t public knowledge or recorded in any well-known database, and there is minimal chances for this information be discovered through significant investigation and/or research given its highly sensitive nature.
AGE 24 BORN 1 BTC, Alderaan SPECIES Human GENDER Female
OCCUPATIONS Sith Lord | CEO AFFILIATIONS The Sith Order | SynCo™ | House Vossen
HAIR Red (Dyed) EYES Golden SKIN Fair
BUILD Athletic HEIGHT 178 cm/ 5'10'' WEIGHT 65 kg/ 145 lb

Alencia stands above the average height at 5'10, and more often than not these days can be sighted in black armoured robes, her face obscured by a helmet. However, underneath said helmet is an unscarred face with classically Alderaanian features framed by shoulder length red hair, and highlighted by her seemingly endless deep green eyes. Helmet or no, Alencia always ensures that her appearance is immaculately presented in a manner suitable for one of noble descent, and the stark contrast between her helmeted and unhelmeted visage is often used to catch others off guard.

Yet as with all Sith, she bares the signs of a life of conflict. Her left shoulder is marred with a circular scar that is mirrored on her back, unmistakably from the blade of a lightsaber. There are multiple lesser scars from various combat wounds, inflicted by a range of weapons from knives through to a blaster. Yet perhaps most curious of all is the thin metal band embedded into the skin of her left forearm, around three inches down from her left elbow - perhaps an indication of cybernetic work.

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