<Corellian Jedi> is recruiting. We are going to be a small member base community of Green Jedi (green robes are mandatory) of no more than 25 at our maximum. We adhere to Corellian Jedi lore, and follow Corellian Jedi philosophy. SH, Flagship, Website, Discord. /w Rosyla to join.


We are a Corellian Jedi [green jedi] RP Guild first and foremost. All PVP and PVE aspects are secondary to roleplaying. To adhere to Corellian Jedi lore, all Jedi will be required to wear green robes. Doesn't matter what color the rest of your armor is, so long as the robes are green, it's adequate. This rule does not apply for Troopers or Smugglers, as they would have a different rank and of course are not obligated. In this guild, we teach the essentials of the Corellian Jedi: Our Code, Philosophy, Three Pillars of Jedi Strength, Force Powers, Lightsaber Forms, Meditations, Lightsaber Construction, and then you will have your Knight Trials for Knighthood. Our Ranks are: Initiate -> Padawan -> Knight -> Master -> Warden of the Enclave (Council) > Keeper of the Enclave (Leader). We also have an Allies/Enemies rank for those who wish to be a part of our guild for either IC or OOC purposes. Though the Wardens and Keeper are the leaders of the guild, they could have other (IC) ranks in the Order. You must be at least a Jedi Knight to apply for this rank. Hence, usually a Warden is a Jedi Knight due to lack of Jedi Masters (Including my character).


We have a Stronghold,

We have a website with a trove of information for you, but there is no requirement for you to join it. It has numerous sources of information.

We have a Discord Channel.

We have a guild ship.


Rosyla [in-game]
Rosyla Vaesrys [enjin]