Name: Rosyla Vaesrys
Age: 27 Years Old
Race: Human
Occupation: Corellian Jedi
Rank: Keeper of the Enclave / Jedi Knight
Home World: Corellia
Birth World: Corellia
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 145 lbs
Eye Color: Crystal Blue
Hair Color: Redhead
Skin Color: Fair


Mother's Name: Ritha Vaesrys [deceased]
Father's Name: Artis Vaesrys [alive]
Brother's Name: Sylar Vaesrys [deceased]
Sister's Name: Selene Vaesrys [unknown]

Has Trained a Padawan (Y/N): Yes
Padawan's Status (If Yes): Alive, Healthy

Primary Studies: Teaching, Training, Ancient Holocron Hunting, Artifact Researcher
Secondary Studies: Diplomacy and Combat Tactics
Lightsaber Forms: Form I - Shii-Cho, Form VII – Juyo, Jar’kai
Lightsaber Design: Improved Bryothsis Lens, Expert Deflection Emitter, Superior Discharge Energy Cell
Lightsaber Crystal: Hurrikaine Crystals in Each Lightsaber [purple lightsaber blades]



Force Persuasion
Force Weapon


Control Pain
Force Speed
Reduce Injury
Thought Shield


Sense Force


Born to Ritha and Artis, Rosyla was the middle child of three, and had one younger sister, Selene, and one older brother, Sylar. She was born into a noble family with Artis being a wealthy multi-hundred million credit businessman, and Ritha also being a multi-million credit luxury apartment real estate contractor. Her father had always been Force-Sensitive but it hadn't manifested. Her father when he was young attempted to join the Corellian Jedi but his Force-Sensivity was not strong enough, and so, he left the Order as a child. Sylar showed no signs of Force-Sensitivity at all, while Rosyla showed incredible signs of Force-Sensivity. At age 5, her powers began to manifest in the form of floating rocks and other objects circling around her person. Grass would sway in her direction, and she always felt slightly different from her siblings. Selene is 5 years younger than she is, and Sylar is 5 years older than she is.
When her father contacted his good friend, Akis Cole, in the Corellian Jedi Temple, a small team of Corellian Jedi arrived at their manor to see the young Rosyla. After being presented, their findings led them to believe that Rosyla had more than enough Force-Sensivity to join, and that she would receive training at the Enclave. She, of course, would be allowed to see her parents and siblings, as the Corellian Jedi Code does not forbid family attachments. In fact, they welcome it with open arms. Keeping her strong loving bond with her family allowed her to focus her training as she grew up, and by the age of 12, she transitioned from her Youngling years into her Padawan years. It was then that Akis Cole himself took her as his Padawan.
Her progression excelled at the age of 13, with her knowledge in Shii-Cho nearing its peak. Another three years, and she would be able to Master it. However, Akis recognized that Rosyla's passion to protect her family and the Corellian Jedi, as well as her homeworld, has created an emotion so powerful, it was becoming well noted in her training. It amplified her combat skills greatly. At age 18, when she was ready to move on from Shii-Cho to another Lightsaber Form, she was asked what Corellia meant to her. It meant loyalty, family, honor, blood, sweat, and tears, she replied. It was a passion that couldn't and wouldn't be put to waste. Akis used these emotions and these passions she possessed to begin her 2nd Lightsaber Form: Form VII - Juyo.
Also by age 18, Rosyla had learned all she needed to know, and her deep knowledge in The Corellian Jedi Code, the Pillars, the Tenets, Meditation, Lightsaber Construction, and Corellian Jedi Philosophy were all up to par with what was needed to take her Knight Trials. The Council had put her on her path, and upon Rosyla's 19th birthday, she was awarded her title as Jedi Knight. However, the celebrations did not last long, as just 10 days after her Knighthood, the Sith Empire was at the front door of the Temple. She was inside the temple when the attack came. The temple fought valiantly, but the Sith Empire was merciless and relentless.
Rosyla fought with as much as she could, but even she was no match for the Sith Empire. She was seriously injured, but she knew that if she didn't play dead on the floor, the Sith would notice her still moving and finish her off. Knowing she could no longer be of any use in the battle against them, she played dead on the floor until the screams were silenced. Her body was picked up and she was thrown into a pile in the grand hall with many of the other Corellian Jedi, where they were all left to rot in the very temple they called home. When the Sith Empire finally left the Temple after destroying much of its treasured interior, she slowly climbed out of the pile of corpses. There is where she saw her Master's corpse. Horrified and angry, it was her first true taste of the Dark Side, though she channeled it as best she could so she didn't do anything stupid, such as track down the ones responsible while horribly injured.
She wandered the ruins of Coronet City as the war raged on around her. Many of the buildings were ruined, but she found one hospital. Much of it, too, lay in ruins, but she found a backup generator and hooked a tank and its computer terminal to it. Not knowing how long the generator will last, she removed her robes and slipped into the tank, taking as much time inside as she possibly could before the generator ran out of power. Fortunately, the generator was at 80% power, and she was able to spend 22 Coronet Hours inside. It was enough to repair her wounds and though not 100%, she was well enough to fight. But first thing's first: Her family. What happened to her family?
She had stumbled into the ruins of the high end residential district, and found her father's manor in ruins. She rushed inside, breaking the door down, and frantically searched the ruins for her family. She saw her mother and brother's bodies stacked up on top of one another, both of them dead. A note was left behind which read that "Green Jedi collaborators will die". She crumpled the letter and searched the house for Selene. She couldn't find her. What did the Sith Empire do with her? She was nowhere to be seen. Rosyla searched all over the ruins of Coronet City, even requesting the help from CorSec, but unfortunately, their Headquarters was also sacked and many of the CorSec divisions were either co-mingled with Republic Forces or other Corellian factions. She knew her green robes would lead to a manhunt for her. She had to keep low.
She assisted where she could, and survived in the ruins. Her Juyo Form was empowered by her raw emotions towards the Empire, and countless times, she teetered on that cusp. But her Jedi training always managed to pull her back. When the Sith Empire was chased off Corellia, Rosyla had a choice to continue the hunt after them or help with the rebuilding process. She chose to stay on Corellia and help with the rebuild. She had learned through the banks that with her family line diminished to just her, she is the sole owner of the entire Vaesrys Estate, and with that, had gained access to her parents' wealth... what was left of it that could be recovered. Still, it meant 136,000,000 credits were hers.
Yes, she could have simply taken it and disappeared forever into the Galaxy, but her loyalty and her patriotism to Corellia were absolute, and thus, she stayed onworld and used that money to begin the construction of an enclave in which any remnants of the Corellian Jedi could go to for a new beginning and a continuation of their way of Jedi life. She chose to hide the enclave in a very unique location: In the depths of Tyrena. She embedded the Enclave underground. Using powerful up to date shield generators and dampeners, she managed to conceal the Enclave's locatio. For being both a Green Jedi enclave and it being so far beneath the surface (8-storeys), she effectively protected it from attack from above.
It would take two years for the Enclave to be built, and right about that time, The Eternal Empire made its presence known in the Galaxy. The Jedi Purge had begun, as Zakuul ordered the Jedi Order destroyed and its remnants hunted down to the ends of the Galaxy. Knowing this was going to be bad, Rosyla used the dampeners within the Enclave to shield its walls from the Force being detected outside of them, similar to the technology used to keep Force-Sensitives from using their powers when in captivity. This allowed Rosyla and a few other Corellian Jedi survivors to train while remaining mostly silent during the Eternal Empire's 5-year reign.
However, there were times when Rosyla would have to venture out, and knowing that the Zakuulan Knights were not welcome on her world, did her part in dispatching as many of them as she could possibly get away with. Using some of Corellia’s brilliant minds in slicing and advanced computer use, they erased many of their digital footprints and evaded Zakuul for the most part. When the Eternal Alliance defeated Zakuul, six years had passed since the initial arrival, and Rosyla, now 25 years old, was more open to allow more Corellian Jedi and outsiders into the Enclave. She took this entire year to announce her Enclave's presence on Corellia and had told her fellow Corellians that they are never alone.
At age 26, the Enclave still sits and its location is still mostly secret and known only to CorSec's highest divisions and both allies of the Enclave and other Corellian Jedi. Rosyla retains leadership of the Enclave, though she is still a Jedi Knight, as she has not been officially recognized as a Master, for her Padawan she took in, Baelorien, at this point, has not yet become a Knight. But she longs to make her family and long-passed Master proud when she obtains that Jedi Medallion and her title of Jedi Master. With new allies, she seeks to rid the Galaxy of all current and future threats to her homeworld, and send a warning to all who dare to harm Corellia that Corellians will stand up for one another. With internal affairs handled, Rosyla had knighted Baelorien with the help of other Corellian Jedi who were found and had been collected for the new Enclave. Training programs have returned in full and the Enclave is growing.
With a core of leaders in place, Rosyla feels the need to break with the hardliner tradition of only remaining on Corellia, and venture beyond its protective atmosphere to the great unknowns of the Galaxy. Her mission is to provide that same assistance she gave to her homeworld to those who need it. There are numerous worlds suffering out there, and Rosyla feels a need to become a delegation or ambassador of Corellia to these worlds, to let them know that they are not alone in this fight. Though a Corellian Jedi does venture off Corellia at their own will, Rosyla does it for the sake of the Galaxy, knowing that these other worlds need help. When Corellia was being destroyed, those who cared came to help, and she wishes to extend that same kindness to others. It means breaking hardliner tradition of the Green Jedi, but if she could be that Green Jedi to plant the seed of hope that she is a sword and shield to the helpless, as she stated her Order was to Corellians, then this is the path for her. She has set aside all leadership duties with her Enclave, entrusting it to the Leaders she had appointed, and begins her journey off-world.