FANG, supplying & more !
Originating from an humble family business, Fang has grown to become an initiative under Sith guidance.

Our services :

-> Small to Fleet or Army sized supplying.
- Ammunition
- Spare parts
- Military rations & fresh food
- First aid & medical supplies

-> Fast and secure freighting for destinations such as
- Imperial territory
- Hutt Space
- Warzones & contested areas

-> Small arms & close combat weapons manufacturing such as
- Rifles
- Small blasters
- Heavy weapons
- Combat knives

Why choose us ?

-> Imperial backed and approved business
-> Fast and secure delivery
-> Competitive pricing

Want to know more ? Feel free to contact our office within Dromund Kaas. We can't wait for the opportunity to work with you.

Fang ? Give your troops the bite they need !

((Always feel free to contact me on Discord at Aspen Makh#8904 or in game with /w Aspen Makh directly !))