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Jedi The Council of Peacekeepers - Reports & Protocols

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The Peacekeeper Council Accords

The Purpose of the Peacekeeper Council

In these times of a decentralised Jedi Order facing the galaxy in the aftermath of the Zakuul period there is once more need for the oldest roles known to the Jedi, the Peacekeepers to take a more forward role in galactic affairs. This council of such will be established with the intent of acting as a coordinating body of Jedi Knights to once again go out in the galaxy as guardians of peace and justice. The Jedi Peacekeepers are of a traditional field of specialisation in the Jedi Guardians who are dedicated to working along with various local police forces and security agencies within the Republic. Historically much of their work been throughout the outer rim territories.

Reestablishing Jedi Protection in the Republic

As some of the old teachings and codes of the Order mention, Jedi are the guardians of Peace. Sworn to uphold it and to deliver justice while under the service to the Galactic Republic the Jedi are duty bound to take action in this role. With the weakening of the Republic from the numerous wars of later years and the draining of resources against Zakuul more and more of the outlying territories find themselves vulnerable. Traditionally concentrating their focus on the martial aspects of Jedi training and combat styles, the Peacekeepers will be a de facto martial arm of the Order.

The peacekeepers will become a needed force to counter the growing influences of pirates, crime syndicates and greater threats to the peace. Where normal policiary forces and local militias are not enough will be the priority of the newly formed Council's actions. In order to accomplish this endeavour, the council has set a series of goals to act upon. These goals are the following:

  • Working along side Republic Law
  • Host an anti-piracy presence on the Outer Rim
  • Cooperate with fellow assemblies

Acting as a Jedi Liason with Republic Law Enforcement

With the Jedi High Council absent from directing the affairs of the Jedi Order, it is up to the Council of Peacekeepers to coordinate their efforts with the Republic directly, while still subject to the Order and its interests overall. In order to strive forward with the Republic, the Council of Peacekeepers will actively visit various local planetary militias and security forces to build up relations with them and cooperate in combating violent crime and keep the peace.

The Jedi have been and still serve the Republic in a wide series of ways and a fundamental part of the work this council will be aiming to do includes the participations of the Jedi Peacekeepers and investigators. Their activities and criminal investigation that are on a more galactic scale will coordinate with the Republic Office of Criminal Investigation which itself is based out of Coruscant under the Judicial Department.

A Guarding Presence on the Frontier

The typically most exposed area of the Republic for being affected by piracy, raiders and a frontier absence of law enforcements the Jedi Peacekeepers have a more involved role to fill. Much in the more infantile era of the Republic the Jedi of various roles such as the guardians went out in the galaxy on it's behalf, for either aiding with diplomatic matters or protection. The frontier on the rim faces much strains in this era of many galactic wars, with resources drained and the fronts ravaged by warfare. Slavers, smugglers, pirates and raiders see more oppertunities than normally.

What may otherwise be overwhelming oppositions to the locals and colonists, the peacekeepers have the possibility to relieve these areas. To further this agenda the peacekeepers set out to establish a more permanent presence in the form of an outpost for their activities. Not all threats are to be expected from these groups however. The Sith Empire's borders lines just over the pond. With the recent events taking place on the ancient Jedi world of Ossus the Jedi need to be vigilant of their ancient enemies.

Cooperation with other councils & committees

For this council to complete the goals set within these accords it may and likely will require assistance from fellow Jedi and allies within the Republic. Fellow councils and committees in the Assemblies make an ideal ally in situations with challanges and issues of a mixed nature. Should for instance, a pirate threat or imperial activities compromise the security of the Repulics border and the citizens then undeniably a cooperation with the security and defence committee to combat such a threat will be a necessity.

The peacekeepers may well find themselves facing off rogue force users or the Sith themselves. At such a point our fellow Knights of the Order will be of vital assistance. The Council of Shadows in particular are engaged with sith affairs and their insight will prove valuable. Our work is also in overlap with the Investigators circle for certain criminal cases. We may also find ourselves in need of our Jedi allies such as the Lorekeepers during missions requiring information or other skills and perspectives. In turn we may be able to be of help to them in their respective assignments and even provide a field experience for Jedi in training for the Instructor's Circle.

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Peacekeeper Meeting: 09.02.24 ATC

In attendance:
Jedi Master Ber-til Katarn - Host
Jedi Master Aesta Flavia
Jedi Master Tethial Balorin
Jedi Master Dulleesh Aan Hevip
Jedi Master Rosyla Vaesrys
Jedi Knight Elytra Zaliv
Jedi Knight Annalina Rohl
Jedi Knight Kakyro Migon

Meeting Agenda:
  • Proposal for a Peacekeeper Accords to be adopted as this councils operatings ruling document.
  • Introduction of attendees
  • An emergency holographic transmission, review and decision on what action to take.
  • Proposal from Master Balorin.
  • Status update and request from the Council of Shadows to be brought up by Master Katarn.
  • Non-scheduled issues

Voting on accords for the Council of Peacekeepers
Master Katarn, host for the meeting, presented the accords and their intentions leading it to a vote with “aye” being in favor for implementing the proposed accords.
Aye - Six

Not voiced - Three

The Peacekeeper accords are accepted by the majority vote and is now considered the official accords of the Peacekeeper Council

An emergency transmission from the planet Garatha from one Sergeant Hook. Requesting aid to escape their predicament on the planet, the nature of how their predicament came to be unknown.
The Peacekeeper Council to vote on whether to volunteer a team on behalf of the Council or to delegate the assignment to any Jedi that might want to take it.

Spoiler: Garatha TransmissionShow

The vote split into two parts

Vote on whether the Council of Peacekeepers should act on this information alone
All in favour for the Council to not take any further action alone

Vote on whether the Council of Peacekeepers would take further action in correlation with other Assemblies/Councils

Aye - Five in favour

Not voiced/Nay - Four.

The Council of Peacekeepers have voted to take further action in correlation with other assemblies/councils by majority vote.

Master Balorin brings forth an escalating problem with supporting separatist nobels on Alderaan.

No vote was brought forward in the meeting and it was the unopposed view of the majority of the Council to make contact with the different councils and assemblies in order to facilitate a continued peace on Alderaan and to keep the conflict there from escalating further

Master Katarn brought up information regarding potential cooperation, nothing to vote on.

The Council moves on to matters not put on the agenda

Knight Migon brings forth a request for aid by Padawan Quickshade in regards to an investigation in the Arkanis sector.

Master Katarn adjournes the meeting, no new date set
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