With the return to conflict following the flash-point of Ossus, both Galactic powers scramble to mobilise their militaries and begin their campaigns, meeting again on the fields of war. It is important now more than ever, that the members of the Republic and Jedi Order come together to meet, discuss and plan their next steps, seeking aid and support amongst their fellows. In this same vein, a transmission follows;

"Members of the Assemblies,

I message to invite you all to a social gathering of the various Councils, Circles and Committees that form the Assemblies. What with the sudden return to Galactic conflict, it is essential our cooperation is stronger than ever - an evening to meet one another and discuss our plans for the foreseeable future seems highly necessary.

The location is set to be within the Senate Tower on Coruscant - date and time will be sent in a following update. I look forward to meeting with you all and seeing the fruits of our labour in the times to come.

May the Force be with us,"
- Master Svenaq Zaraen, Diplomatic Committee

OOC Info

Hey all - this event is essentially what it says on the tin. A gathering aimed at all members of the Republic Assembly initiative, to generally get to know each other better and also speak of personal plans or that of their Council/Circle/Committee - hopefully it'll be used as a springboard for more RP!

Based on how successful this is, in regards to both the event itself and any future RP that comes from it, I may look to organise more in the future to make sure our characters are all in the loop with various Assembly work and have easy in-game access to one another.

LOCATION - Senate Tower, Coruscant
DATE/TIME - Feb 22nd, 19:30GMT.

Hope to see you there!
- Sven