The Protocols → Mandates to which all Jedi Shadows must adhere, in order of priority, to achieve their mission without sacrificing their spiritual health as Jedi.

Protocol Alpha → Top Priority
  • A threat so great has been discovered that all Jedi Shadows must mobilise to see its elimination from the galactic stage; even within the Shadow Council or Jedi Order.

Protocol One → The Mission is the Will of the Force
  • The Jedi Shadow is the Light that cuts through the Darkness. Missions established by, or for, the Shadow Council come before all others, by the Will of the Force, in the interests of the Jedi Order and those it swears to protect. The Shadow must be prepared to eliminate the threat of the Dark Side in whichsoever form it arises, be that as Dark Jedi, Sith, artefacts, and so on with surgical efficiency. Capture or securement may be ideal; death or destruction may be necessary. Under no circumstances acquiesce to its influences.

  • The Jedi Shadow adheres to the Jedi Code to the letter: they do not allow emotion, ignorance, passion, chaos, or death to impede their mission. They solemnly accept that they serve under circumstances in which each of these will be tested, and will emerge having been successful in fulfilment of the oath, or not emerge at all. There is only the Force.

Protocol Two → No Attachment to the Mission or Individuals
  • The Jedi Shadows is under no impressions of the risk they undertake, both as individuals and as a collective. Under no circumstances should the Shadow jeopardise their cover or position due to attachment. Protocol One takes precedent. Defer to the Contingencies.

  • Under no circumstances may a Jedi Shadow engage in attachment to their mission; such is the path to obsession, and clarity may only be lost.

Protocol Three → Jurisdiction and Deference
  • The Jedi Shadow must defer to the jurisdiction of the Shadow Council, or the jurisdiction of other Assemblies such that their knowledge takes precedent upon one’s own. Transparency is to be expected, in order to not pervert or impede the course of their jurisdiction.

Protocol Four → Meditation and Rehabilitation
  • A Jedi Shadow is exposed to the greatest sources of the Dark Side in the Galaxy, which may take a toll upon the body, mind, and spirit of an individual. Deep and contemplative meditation is expected to cleanse the Jedi Shadow of all doubts, fears, and temptations. This may be invoked for a Jedi Shadow by Protocol Three - a failure to obey may see a Jedi Shadow removed from their duties with greatest prejudice. At its most extreme, a Jedi Shadow may have the Barash Vow insisted upon them, if the need is so dire to warrant it.

Protocol Five → Serve the Jedi Order
  • When not undertaking the work of the Jedi Shadow, an individual is expected to serve the Jedi Order as they otherwise would. Defer to the mandates of their superior, teach their juniors, study, and serve to the fullest extent possible. Await instructions from the Shadow Council.

Protocol Six - Actions with(in) the Sith Order
  • There may be times in which a Jedi is forced to work alongside a Sith for whatever reason; typically deemed a ‘necessary evil’ for the greater good. This is a precarious position, as the Sith will often deem the same to be true. Be critical of all actions under these circumstances, and offer full disclosure to the Shadow Council at earliest opportunity. Leave no detail amiss, with the relevant justification for one’s actions.

  • The actions of deep-cover agents is to be reported comprehensively to those with personal oversight; and from there, to the Council.

Protocol Omega - Doomsday Scenario
  • The Shadow Council and/or Jedi Order are irrevocably and irrefutably compromised; or a threat has befallen the Order so great that it has been forced to dissolve. Jedi Shadows are to immediately scatter incognito, to monitor the situation from afar and discern a relevant remedy.

The Contengiencies → Courses for action in the event that a Jedi Shadow is captured or turned in the course of their duties and assignments. These are decided with reference to three factors:

  1. The Operative → Referring to the individual the contingency concerns. By considering the operative’s skills, state of mind and state of body, the overseeing Jedi may determine whether further action is required, or whether the operative in question is capable of extracting themselves.

  2. The Circumstances → Referring to the circumstances surrounding potential contingency actions that are not specific to the operative. This may include factors such as the physical location where the contingency must be enacted, and the personnel available to enact the contingency.

  3. The Risk → Referring to the risk analysis of any contingency action. The overseeing Jedi is to consider the danger to personnel enacting the contingency, the physical and spiritual risks to the operative in question, and the potential risk of other activities being exposed should the operative be compromised. Only when all risks have been considered should action be undertaken.

PatienceMonitor the situation but undertake no action.Operative → Deemed capable of self-extraction
Circumstances → Avenues of escape available and compatible with operative’s capabilities.
Risk → Risk to operative is low, or risk to personnel potentially required for other contingencies is too high.
The Faustian BargainLiaise with the Diplomatic Corps to ensure the safe return of a Jedi Shadow, making as little disclosure of their intentions as possible. Will often require leverage.Operative → Captive but in no immediate danger
Circumstances → No clear means of extraction by other means.
Risk → No immediate risk to operative. Extraction would subject operative or bystanders to unnecessary danger.
Into the ShadowsAssign a Shadow Task Force to extract the captive Shadow with minimal interaction with captors, or to act with maximum discrimination if no other option is available.Operative → Unlikely to escape alone.
Circumstances → Poorly secured location or other means of infiltration available.
Risk → Minimal risk of detection until extraction is well underway.
Run InterferenceMobilise Jedi Peacekeepers to distract captors, whilst a Shadow task force may extract the captive.Operative → Unlikely to escape alone.
Circumstances → Heavily populated location, into which infiltration is nigh-impossible without a distraction.
Risk → Risk of Shadow task force being detected without support too great. No significant risk to diversionary personnel.
Storm the CastleA full assault is executed with the support of the Security and Defence Committee and Jedi Peacekeepers, to not only distract captors, but to storm the facility at which they are held.Operative → Numerous, collateral, and/or high-value captives with little hope of escape.
Circumstances → Location is highly secure, preventing means of infiltration, but within reason for an assault using available assets.
Risk → Immediate risk to mind/body of captives. Potentially significant losses in life or intel without intervention.
Final Contingency: One with the ForceDispatch a Jedi Shadow to, if at all possible, capture a compromised Shadow for rehabilitation; but to be prepared to return them to the Force.Operative → Compromised beyond doubt, having acted against the Will of the Force. Their solemn oath as a Jedi Shadow must be treated as their final wish - to be held to a higher standard than any other Jedi, recognising the inherent risk now made manifest by their current status. This Contingency was accepted by them in doing so.
Circumstances → To whatever ends necessary is this to be made possible.
Risk → Operative is deemed a danger too great to ignore; able to wilfully make the Sith Empire aware of the secrets of the Shadow Council and Jedi Order, to make all gathered intelligence useless, and be repurposed against both bodies.