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Community Highlight: Phe & Conash

By Qog - Posted Feb 12, 18

Community Highlight: Phe & Conash

This time I am happy to highlight Phe and Conash, two roleplayers who have dedicated their time to keeping up the Artisan's Rest. Advertised as a neutral hub to kick back and socialise in, the Rest is open every Wednesday for open roleplay.

When speaking to both of them with these questions, their passion for keeping the Rest open and helping the community was obvious. Thank you to both for their dedication to keeping this part of the Darth Malgus roleplay circuit going!

Keep on reading for the Q&A.

What draws you to roleplay?

Conash: I love immersing myself in a good story, RP is a great way to do this. Instead of having to pick between a set of given choices you can make your very own character and make them interact however you see fit.

So for example whilst playing the game and doing your class story you get the choice of killing or letting someone go whilst in RP you could try to convince them to join you or capture them.

Phe: I’m not entirely sure to be totally honest. I enjoy writing very much and I suppose that and the interactive qualities of rp is what draws me in. It’s not just about you writing alone in a room, however you slice it you’re reliant on other people. When you find someone that is especially talented it can be a bit of a rush. It’s a challenge that I thoroughly enjoy and enjoy rising to.

Who is your main, and what's their story?

Conash: My main is Tenchrrit, he's a Rattataki Mercenary and is a bit of a hot head when things don't go his way. He grew up as an orphan, drifting from one place to another and learning how to survive on his own. He's great with fixing armour, which is a good thing since he bangs it up so often. He recently became a Sergeant in the Order Of The Ghosts and has been kicking ass with them for a long time. 

Phe: As I’ve stated before I’m not the type of person that considers myself to have a main but for the purposes of this I think that Krisjaid Anakat. On a completely OOC level (as IC’ly she’d never divulge this information) she’s an Echani that was left on Nar Shaddaa as an orphan. She grew up very hard, got into cooking as a way out of her hideous life. After returning to Eshan in search of her roots she decided it wasn’t for her. On her return to NS she heard about an opening at the Rest and took over. It’s been a bit of a bumpy ride both IC and OOC. IC’ly she’s been married, had her first two children and been divorced all while trying to build up the Rest.

Both of you are involved in the running of the Artisan's Rest. What interested you about leading this community initiative?

Conash: I still remember going into the Rest for the first time and seeing a bunch of people inside, felt like a nice spot to RP. I thought it would be nice to RP a polite Mirialan instead of the macho Rattataki I usually play for a change, so I made a char and applied to the Rest.

I've been helping out ever since. When Phe wanted a break for a little bit, I took the role of manager for the time being, taking over her responsibilities until she's confident in coming back.

Phe: This is a bit of a longer story, honestly I took over the Rest as a favour to the leader and second in command of Shura Cartel. Both of whom told me of the difficulty involved in taking over the Rest and how previous Captains had seriously struggled. Though in my time of taking over I pulled us out of the Shura Cartel GSH and into our own one unlocking and decorating a large majority of it myself (Based on the previous Shura Cartel GSH). I hadn’t intended it to be a ‘community initiative’ when I offered to take over, I felt that I was just helping out a pair of friends. I just wanted to make them proud and make the Rest a success.

Due to numerous interpersonal issues and drama though I found myself at the end of my rope and needed to take some time off RP. I am forever in Conash’s debt for taking up the mantel. It’s a very difficult job and no one knows that better than me. I was in a panic as to what would happen to the Rest without me pushing it forward. He’s been a bit of a lifeline and I’m forever grateful to him. It’s been a thrill to see that the Rest can keep going given how much I’ve grown to love it.

What advice would you give to people wanting to try community roleplay?

Conash: Don't be shy to join, sometimes you'll walk into an event and everybody seems busy with someone else and they might not approach you. A great thing to do then would be to emote relaxing and looking around. You can ask people over whisper if they'd mind you butting in to their current activities.

If it's okay to do so you can pretend to meet an old friend again and you'd be convinced it was them. It's always fun to so peoples reactions to that one: "Wait I met them before? Nah they're just making something up, right?"

Phe: Don’t be scared of getting it wrong and honestly, just go for it! We all started somewhere, everyone was once a beginner. We’ve all had that snowflakey character that we’d rather forget but that’s how we learn. Never be afraid of fucking up and never be afraid to learn. As long as you’re open there are many people in this community that are willing to teach new players. Though there are disagreements on lore and such there will always be those kind people who are happy to teach.

What has been the best experience you had so far as a roleplayer?
Conash: If I'd have to pick one I'll go with the romantic diner for two that Muyta helped with during the weekend. It's nice to play a supportive role and help someone have a good time.

I've only done it once but the feedback I got for it was great, it's a nice switch from the crowded nights on a Wednesday.

Phe: I have a few that will live in my heart. Most are born of interpersonal relationships between characters. A moment where a couple open up to one another or you see a side of a character that you didn’t know existed. I’ve been privileged to write with some brilliant people and with a good rp partner those moments come thick and fast making me a little hard pressed to just pick one. I know that’s a bit of a cop out but any one moment I’d like to pick is very personal and private between the characters and thus myself and the player so I’m forced to stick with that - sorry!

What was your first time roleplaying like? Any stories to tell?
Conash: My first time roleplaying was a year and half ago, I was looking for a guild Rep-side and then I saw someone advertise their guild and when I asked what they meant with RP? I got pulled into this lovely hobby and ended up being recruited to OOTG with the idea of trying it out. I still remember that day well. I got a quick explanation about RP and then Tench was grilled with some questions on the bridge of a flagship, which made me say the first thing that popped to mind.

I've endeavored ever since to come up with the char's basics before RP'ing. I've been with them ever since and I've had a lot of fun RP'ing and getting to meet all the lovely and original chars out there. I'm glad they took the time to show me the ropes.

Phe: My first rp was a bit embarrassing! I responded to an advert in gen, I can’t even remember what planet. I inquired about rp and was given an interview (I forget the guild name). It was highly intimidating. I was immediately in a full rp interview while I knew nothing. I used the story as a basis and ended up with my foot in my mouth! Or rather my character's foot in her mouth (I always play females). The person interviewing me was very helpful and positive and thus I was thrust into rp where I’ve learnt quickly how to write though lore is always an issue. Perhaps that’s why I was drawn to the Rest, less sticky lore issues than the Sith which is where I started.

One of my fav stories though comes from my (now deceased) Mandalorian character and her Riduur. They got drunk at the Connoisseurs Market and he told her that he’d ‘cheated’. She stormed off for him to shout at her “At the drinking game!”. In full view of everyone she turned back, kicked him full in the chest, ripped off his helmet and punched him only to then kiss him. It was so ‘Mandalorian’ and so typical of their relationship that it sticks in my mind. It did draw the attention of others, not that they cared. I think that’s one of my best stories/moments.

Psst! Know someone who needs a highlight? Get in touch and let me know - I will add them to the ever-growing list!