The choice is yours as you reap the spoils of war! Galactic Republic or Sith Empire. Light or Dark. Loyalist or Saboteur. Your decisions will change the future of a galaxy shattered by war.
Published Apr 13, 2019
New armor sets, decorations, weapon tuning, and more have hit the Cartel Market this week!
Published Apr 11, 2019
Game Update 5.10.2 ‘Heralds of Victory’ is live, featuring the Guild Heraldry system and updates to the Preview Window!
Published Apr 11, 2019

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A Hutt in Hutt's Clothing

By Arnie Hamcheck




Trigger Discipline

By Rief Larson




Weekly Forecast

By Stomry Hail




The Police Blotter

By C.C. Perkins

The Star Cluster Casino has been the flagship of casinos on the moon for many years and therefore draws its share of crime. The latest has come in the shape of a shooting and hostage situation that left six civilians dead and four injured. The Kapo Gorga Godoba's division of Cartel Security, Rapid Response Unit, responded to the situation promptly and was able to get a handle on the situation. It is reported that there were five unidentified men inside the establishment and were holding ten people hostage. The motivations of the crime are unknown at this time. The RRU was able to take one of the armed men alive and are currently holding him for further questioning. The remaining four shooters were killed during a skirmish with the enforcement group. Anyone with any information is being encouraged to contact the RRU via their hotline SHADDAA99.


There was a shooting at the Red Flagon Casino in the Redlight Sector. The sector hotspot erupted in chaos when two individuals who appeared to be Mandalorian entered the casino seeking to collect on a bounty for a one ‘Klavuu Datu’. The cause of the shooting that left thirteen civilians dead and eight injured is unknown though some witnesses claim to have seen a third individual in armor who had already been on premise prior to the Mandalorians’ arrival and its thought that he is the one who started firing upon the crowd. The Rapid Response Unit is investigating the crime including why there was difficulty for the crowd attempting to flee the violence as exits were perhaps blocked off. The initial shooter is said to have died in the exchange and the bounty hunters have been called in for questioning. The small favor in this tragedy is that the bounty hunters opted to forfeit their five thousand credit reward and instead donated the money to the victims’ families with condolences from the RRU.




Highrise Chatter

By Lora Leal




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