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Published Apr 13, 2019
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Artist Spotlight: Icecreamquinn

Wow! How long has it been since we did one of these? Three months? Five? Far too long, if you ask me! Let's jump right into it.

Today, we are featuring someone who might not be as well known as some of the other artists in this community. She goes by a few names, but those close to her know her best as the ever-friendly and totally not grumpy lethan Aljo! She is one of the sub-officers in the heavy RP guild House Horuset and provides quality roleplay there on a daily basis. The link to their website can be found at the end of this article!

This is, however, an artist spotlight and not a community spotlight! The artistic talents of icecreamquinn will be at the forefront today. Interested? Continue reading the article below!
(if it was, Qog would beat me. Send help)

How did you get into art?

I kind of never stopped drawing since I was very little, my dad was pretty encouraging of me picking up art so I never really stopped, but I only started drawing "seriously" at about 14, because the high school I picked was specialized in art. I only did traditional art up until I was 17-18.

What inspires you when creating your art? Do you have an ideal set-up when working (location, music, etc.)?

As much as I'd like to sound all professional, I'm super moody when it comes to art half the time, so what inspires me is a bit all over the place. Anything can do the trick really, but very often it happens because of IC interaction. Something that happens in an event, interacting with other characters in whatever universe really - D&D, SWTOR, WoW, you name it - so in other words it's entirely random. The only things I need to make art is a sketchbook, or my ipad, and being able to sit somewhere, even on the floor. Music is always a bonus so I make playlists about my characters and it tends to get me in the mood to play/draw them.

Are these playlists in varying genres?

Oh yeah my music taste is equally all over the place. I have no idea of what being consistent means, even my art style goes through some serious changes every now and then.

What are your favourite artists?

I've studied history of art for a full five years in great detail so there's gonna be some big classical mentions here. Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Artemisia Gentileschi especially are artists I greatly admire and loved the works of, also because of how interesting they were as people and their stories make their masterpieces gain so much more context, and it lets you understand the artist a lot better. One of my favourite illustrators since I was in high school is Paolo Barbieri, he's italian and does a lot of book covers for a fair few authors. His style influenced mine a great deal back then but I think I mostly moved on from it, though it's still really good. Right now, because of what I'm studying, I'm also looking at a lot of 3D videogame artists, but I don't think I have a favourite among them just yet.

I don't actually know that many [SWTOR Artists], but one of the first artists that I found that did SWTOR art was and I -love- their style so much, they often do comics and such of their characters and overall it's hilarious, the style is simple but detailed and gorgeous, and they inspire me a lot to try and suit my style to that kind of format. .. Not that I ever had the guts to tell 'em that anyway.

What artpiece are you most proud of?

This is -very- much subject to change but it's my most recent piece, and one of my only fully painted, full detail pieces of my main in SWTOR, version with her natural brown eyes and a version with her Dark Side corrupted amber eyes. I'm ready to bet that in about 3 months I'll change my mind on this but for the moment we'll stick to it. It was initially a sort of practice for me to try my hand at rendering skin, leather, cloth, and a bit of metal in the same picture, and I sort of took it too far? But I love it, because it's a piece I'm incredibly proud of, and it shows my improvement pretty well. Got some help from a friend of mine with how to properly render this piece, too

Do you have any goals for your art? Where would you like to see yourself develop?

I mostly want to continue improving, and get better at my 3D as well to be able to land a job as a 3D character artist one day. No real goal I guess, other than never stopping improving if that makes sense.

What advice would you give to people looking to commission an artpiece?

Well, for the moment my commissions are closed, but for when I reopen them:
- Read my commission sheet (or ask for it) immediately! There's all the information you need there, and if there isn't something in particular, you can always ask me for more information, but asking me for information that is already in the sheet simply makes me think you didn't even bother reading it.
- Have at least a rough idea of what you want beforehand, I can definitely help and give advice on deciding but I need a base to work from
- Have reference ready as soon as possible, or even before you contact me! A face claim always helps, and if there's armour or weapons or a specific background displayed I need as much reference as you can manage, or I won't be able to portray the character correctly.
- Don't shy away from telling me in detail things about your character, or if there's something in the initial sketch that you don't quite feel is right. I can change things as long as it's a sketch, but when it's a fully painted piece, that's much more difficult, so better early on than later.
- Be considerate of my time and how long I can spend on a piece, I tend to take a long time for big pieces because art isn't my full time job, and more often than not I will need to prioritize 3D work over 2D when I have to.

What advice would you give to aspiring artists?

Yes, two things:
- Reference! Nobody's born with the ability to recreate anything one imagines directly on paper with no training. Look up anatomy for artists, draw poses from pictures so that you have solid reference, lighting exercises, draw from life.
- Ask for feedback from your peers or even more experienced artist. Constructive criticism (which does not mean people have the right to be mean about your art) helps and speaking as someone who for a long time would not show her drawings to a living being, it goes a -long- way. Other people sometimes see things your eyes missed, and can point it out, and that helps you grow as an artist.

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