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Holoscopes - Issue 9

By Lae - Posted Aug 6, 18

Ladies and gentlemen, beings and sentients of our fair Galaxy. From the far reaches of the Wild Space and beyond, I - Mystic Mog - have come forth to share with you the wisdom I have seen in the stars themselves. The Force has blessed me with foresight of the cosmos, and from that I divine forth what is in store for you the next month.

Heed this warning, dear readers, for the ebb and flow of the Force is forever changing. The future is a finnicky thing that even the most talented of us fail to fully interpret its meaning:

(Aries - Mar 21- Apr 19)
Too many balls in the air can suck the motivation right out of you, and it is likely that you will blame yourself for being such a poor planner. Take it as experience instead of being judgmental. Letting someone down seems to be unavoidable this month, just make sure it isn’t that one friend who is really struggling. The key lies in your capacity to be upfront and honest in your communication now. Delicate situations demand intelligence and foresight.

(Taurus - Apr 20 - May 20)
You have a natural gift to focus intently on matters at hand, but an important relationship will require some flexibility this month. Adapting to a completely different viewpoint than your own is not always easy, partly because it forces you to listen attentively in order to avoid confusion. Manipulations and projections can occur now, so stand your ground and trust your psychic radar. Never underestimate the will to misunderstand. Clarity is your friend.

(Gemini - May 21 - Jun 20)
Surfing the never-ending waves enables you to find joy in the little things. A fresh surge of energy is a welcome change after the recent chaos. Unexpected conversations light up your month and the synchronicities inspire you to see the magic of life. Even though someone’s explanation may seem trivial, it is not about what is being said on the surface. What’s important is to spend quality time with the people you love. Laughter heals and unites like nothing else can.

(Cancer - Jun 21 - Jul 22)
It is nice to have a private cave to retreat to when things get too hectic, and right now that is your haven. Journaling, reading, or planning for the future is time well spent. As you take a step back, clarity emerges. External pressure or guilt can cause you some stress if you feel it is your responsibility to make sure others are happy. Instead of reacting over-emotionally, you can center yourself in the knowledge that in order to have something to give, you need to give to yourself first.

(Leo - Jul 23 - Aug 22)
Impatience rarely leads to constructive action, especially when a shortcut turns into extra work. The urge to walk instead of run is strong and it gets slippery when important details are overlooked. Stay alert; rest assured you will reach your destination in due time, so there is no need to hurry this month. Trust the process and enjoy every bit of the journey.

(Virgo - Aug 23 - Sep 22)
One of your super powers is being a realist and judging situations according to correct measures. The dark side of this quality is being too harsh and killing off any hope that you can upgrade your current situation. Choosing the middle way between supporting yourself to move forward and simultaneously understanding that limitations are real helps you find a path out of negative thinking. Being a pragmatist is not the same as being a pessimist.

The Force:
(Libra - Sep 23 - Oct 22)
One of the perks of being a good listener is that you learn from other people and from the mistakes they make. Of course, you have to make your own mistakes as well, but it is your second nature to mirror yourself in others, and seeing the bigger picture gives you a sense of meaning. Those who have similar experiences as you can inspire you to find a deeper understanding of yourself. Even if things seem random, you are recognizing the patterns, and thus, the beauty.

(Scorpio - Oct 23 - Nov 21)
Nothing is superficial with you and this month is absolutely no exception. You naturally delve into difficult themes like intimacy and sexuality without any fear, and you uncover whatever is hidden. Trust that change is important in order to move out of stagnation. Letting go of a cherished belief or illusion sets you free to spend your energy on more constructive pursuits. Having people in your life that share your intensity helps you grow.

(Sagittarius - Nov 22 - Dec 21)
Your ideas are flying off the wall and your positivity is contagious. However, staying grounded is essential if you want to preserve energy for later. Plan your month or you could end up wasting time on that which gives nothing in return and all you are left with is a feeling of disappointment. Keep it real, stay true to yourself and don’t try to convince others to think like you do. Lead by example and not by command.

(Capricorn - Dec 22 - Jan 19)
There is a path to self-empowerment that requires understanding your reactions to stress. If you find yourself being consumed by irritation almost to the point of having to get out and move your body, you should. Let the tension lift from your mind through movement and deep breathing. Release any shouldered responsibilities that are not your own. Giving people the chance to be responsible for their own lives helps them achieve their natural potential.

(Aquarius - Jan 20 - Feb 18)
You are often ahead of the pack in the way you think and see the world. However, your progressive outlook can sometimes make you appear aloof and distant. Sharpen your senses and pay close attention to the genius of someone complementing your own awareness this month. Opportunities will present themselves if you’re willing to take a risk. Life is a game of chess and in order to win, you must move at the right time. If that means taking a step back, do it and wait for the next round.

(Pisces - Feb 19 - Mar 20)
Your mind is busy cracking codes and the puzzle you're currently working on reveals insight into your true needs. However, it is prudent to clean out clutter that creates chaos. Spending time at home to finish up loose ends gives you a deep sense of satisfaction and success. Be patient; instead of starting something new, find ways to slow down so you don’t lose track of what is most important. A rested mind is a clear mind.

There you have it, folks. Your fortune told, fate unraveled.  Until next time. May the Force guide you.
- Mystic Mog