A new Lair Boss is ready for you to face!
Published Jan 11, 2019
Start off the new year in style with striking new weapons, the KDY Transport Skiff Mount or the Covert Cipher’s Armor set.
Published Jan 3, 2019
Commemorate #SWTOR7 with the return of Darth Malgus in Game Update 5.10: Jedi Under Siege, a deadly new chapter in the ongoing battle for the fate of the galaxy.
Published Dec 20, 2018

Unique Star Wars Birthday Party on Pretty My Party

Do you find yourself struggling to gain an audience to your events? Does the idea of hosting events for large numbers of people seem daunting? Do you get stressed out when trying to plan for the community? Then this article may be the right one for you! Introducing...

Hosting Public Events:

Tips & Tricks

In any roleplay community and more so within the realm of the public sphere, events are a common way to bring different kinds of players and characters together to have them interact and engage with one another. These events can take the form of anything from casual parties and balls to more elaborate cross-guild events designed to promote co-production between different groups within the community. Depending on the size being catered to, often events can quickly grow to be stressful due to the commitment and work involved in their planning and organisation.

As someone with their fair share of experience when it comes to planning, supporting and hosting various events, I'd like to take the time to share some tips and tricks that I've picked up over the years in the hopes it'll help some of you.

Zed You CAN do it alone, don't be afraid to do so - take the "Delusions of Grandeur" out of your head...

Holoscopes - Issue 10

Lae posted Sep 3, 18

Ladies and gentlemen, beings and sentients of our fair Galaxy. From the far reaches of the Wild Space and beyond, I - Mystic Mog - have come forth to share with you the wisdom I have seen in the stars themselves. The Force has blessed me with foresight of the cosmos, and from that I divine forth what is in store for you the next month.

Heed this warning, dear readers, for the ebb and flow of the Force is forever changing. The future is a finnicky thing that even the most talented of us fail to fully interpret its meaning:

Qog Mog, you mysterious devil! Awesome as always :d

Do you actively portray more than one character? Is your character login page brimming with inspiration, often treated to a new face every few months? Then maybe Altoholics is for you! The support group article that takes a crack at the ins, outs and purposes behind the madness of portraying several roleplay characters in an MMORPG.

6 Reasons Why You May Need an Alt

(clickbait title alert)

Roleplayers are a diverse lot -- that tidbit goes without saying(unless you’ve yet to notice). Many of us prefer to cling to one of many styles of play and these often stick to us like habits. Keep in mind that these habits aren’t necessarily bad, especially if it keeps the player behind the screen happy, as that is of foremost importance when jumping into roleplay. With that said, the contents of this article aren’t intended as instructional -- but as advisory or thought-provoking, though I do hope that it attracts an audience with the similar experiences to relate to my words, and if not, to argue otherwise; because opposition to a point best serves to broaden our understanding.

That said, I can think of several reasons why not to play an alt, because it isn’t necessarily as easy at looks. The most popular opinion heard concerning the reason why players don’t play alts is that they can only focus on one character -- which is a very valid point; especially as alting isn’t as easy as it may seem from the outside.
I think that every altoholic at some point in time consciously begins to struggle with vocabulary and issues of perspective. If you’re like me and can only seem to remember the majority of your vocab 30% of the time, then you’ll know by now that the pain is real(just look at my work on this website!). I’ve come to find that my limited vocabulary is becoming a severe and growing issue when several of my characters start to sound so similar to one another that it becomes difficult to set them apart based on their dialogue.

Thomking I very much agree. There is a reason I don't play a Sith Apprentice or Lord on NS. It simply isn't fitting. T...
Damodred Totally an altoholic here. Though I have one main character that I have been playing from the start, I'm very famil...
Sureshot Nice article. I'm currently juggling around 4 characters at this current moment. One of things I find refreshing ab...

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Lowers Can't Rise Above the Haze

By Arnie Hamcheck

Stormlighter WTB everything in the classifieds, no questions asked.
Aresand/Vasraan I'm stuck on the crossword...
Kraethas Nova Hahahahahaha I love the crosswords! And the classifieds as always! Also, we got a book section this issue! Nice! Can...

Community Highlight: Kirbus

Qog posted Aug 13, 18

Community Highlight: Kirbus

This month, I finally went rogue and spoke to one of our Jedi roleplayers on the Darth Malgus server! Kirbus is a long-time roleplayer on Star Wars: The Old Republic, and is also known for community coordination and story writing. Some say he even moonlights as a composer - you can check out the rumours of that in this thread. :D

Kirbus was a complete sweetheart to talk to and was very patient with many extended deadlines and my bad memory. His interview is definitely worth a read and I encourage anyone who gets the chance to say hello and get to know him in the game as well. 

Read on for his Q&A, and to see some more awesome art. 

Kakyro Well and truly deserved. Genuinely one of those people I’m glad to have had the pleasure to have known and interac...
Saerel Kirbuuuuus!
Felsi/Efreya Meh, he's alright.