The choice is yours as you reap the spoils of war! Galactic Republic or Sith Empire. Light or Dark. Loyalist or Saboteur. Your decisions will change the future of a galaxy shattered by war.
Published Apr 13, 2019
New armor sets, decorations, weapon tuning, and more have hit the Cartel Market this week!
Published Apr 11, 2019
Game Update 5.10.2 ‘Heralds of Victory’ is live, featuring the Guild Heraldry system and updates to the Preview Window!
Published Apr 11, 2019

Community Highlight: Solyc

For our first highlight, I have spoken to Solyc from Clan Shahruun.

The Darth Malgus server is teeming with variety, and Solyc stands out as a significant contributor to our Mandalorian community. Solyc runs both events and hubs, writes lore threads, and has created a dedicated Mandalorian Discord server for public use, while still managing to find time to keep roleplaying inbetween. 

I actually began to regret that highlights run so short, as most of these answers only made me even more curious about both Sol'yc-ad and the player behind her. Thank you so much to Solyc for putting so much thought into the answers and making this a really nice, interesting highlight to kick off with.

Read on to find out more, and for links to Solyc's work after the Q&A!

Nakraa Fun to read! My only experience RPing with Solyc (The character) is when I ran into her at a Bar on Hutta as my Bounty H...
Solyc Shahruun I had a lot of fun answering the questions, and they made me reflect on the time I've been doing Roleplay on TOR. T...

Hello guys, welcome to Malgus-RP.

A lot has happened since our last update post. There's been a lot of discussion behind the scenes but it's been very stagnant everywhere else, and we're fully aware of that. We are now planning to move ahead with a schedule for articles going forward so the front page has a bit more life on it.

However, in order for that to happen we have made some changes behind the scenes so the cogs can start ticking away. Lae, our beloved overlord, will be stepping down to a Reporter role and will no longer be on the administration team. I can confirm only minimal blackmail took place for this to happen.

In charge of news reporting in his place, Iradox will be stepping in to review all content for the website and schedule articles with our Reporter team as our Editor-in-Chief.

For whatever bizarre reason, in light of the above, it will be me replacing both the Website Administrator and Forum Administrator positions as of soon-after-this-post.

You may be wondering what this means, and I can answer that quite quickly. Not much, really. We are keeping the same Moderators, and Dalle will remain our steadfast Chat #Badmin with no changes being made to his role.

We will be looking for a new Forum Moderator to take over my old position however, so applications for that are now open until we find a good fit.

To all who do not recognise my name - don't worry, no one else does either. It's lovely to meet you all and I hope to screw up slightly less than the expected average.

Don't hurt me.


Kathryl Let me say that I honestly do not expect you or the staff to publish any kind of content. By all means feel free to do i...
Vexter Varkus Congrats Qog! Thank you guys for keeping the spirit alive! Keep on keepin' it on!
Militus Good luck with all the responcibilities, I'll be rootin'!