Ladies and Gentlemen,

allow me to officially welcome you to our new community forums for Progenitor RP!

As you can see the past couple of days has been something of a jumble here and there with the site being set up and the transfer of threads and content to here. I'm sure this change will be a beneficial one to the community and provide us with some needed motivation to get things kicked off once more and in style.

While we've now got our feet back on the ground with a functioning site -- especially a big thank you to LastFlight for their fantastic design skills that has provided up with the great banner and background you see before us now -- don't settle down and think that will be the end of staff interaction or the site's continued growth to become what it aims to be; a community hub.

In the coming days and weeks, there will be plenty of opportunities for people to involve themselves and allow the community to have their say in what they'd like to see on Progenitor-RP.

I ask you all to please familiarise yourselves with the Site Rules, in order to ensure everyone is on the same page of what is expected for behaviour on this site.

Given I am but a single person and would never dream of overseeing such a project as this, we have opened up the Staff Recruitment in search of active and community-orientated moderators to help the forums and creative and engaging writers to join our Reporting Team. We are currently on the look out for three moderators to join for now, though this may be subject to change in the future.

If you feel you'd be suited for it and would like to help out our community, then I encourage you to apply.

For any burning questions you may have about our new site, the running of it or otherwise - please check out our FAQ and feel free to pose any questions you have there that have yet to be answered.

Once more, welcome aboard everybody and I hope you enjoy the ride on our new beginnings together.

Happy roleplaying!