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A Hutt in Hutt's Clothing

By Arnie Hamcheck

Aresand/Vasraan Why would Arnie need a bodyguard I wonder?

Community Highlight: Phe & Conash

This time I am happy to highlight Phe and Conash, two roleplayers who have dedicated their time to keeping up the Artisan's Rest. Advertised as a neutral hub to kick back and socialise in, the Rest is open every Wednesday for open roleplay.

When speaking to both of them with these questions, their passion for keeping the Rest open and helping the community was obvious. Thank you to both for their dedication to keeping this part of the Darth Malgus roleplay circuit going!

Keep on reading for the Q&A.

Captain Shanks I really need to visit the Rest now! I know its been around for a while. Great job you two!
Novsta As someone who helps out occasionally at the Rest, I'd like to make it known that these two are awesome and create ...

Community Highlight: Thrautana

It's time for another Community Highlight, and this time I managed to persuade the wonderful Thrautana - also known as Vaken, Information Central, and Empress only knows how many other names - to answer a few questions. 

Thrautana is a profilic roleplayer on the Darth Malgus server on both factions. Currently their open initiatives include The Vaken Project, the Concourse Market Day, and The Dealer's Den, all of which are organized with the awe-inspiring hivemind that is The Concourse Commerce Coalition. This group of players drive a lot more roleplay than many likely realise and their work is well worth checking out. 

Thrautana is also working some Enjin magic by being one of our community thread organizers on the DMRP forums - obligatory shout out for all their hard work. If you have read it, Thrautana has likely already catalogued it. 

Keep on reading for the Q&A!

Information Cockroach Thank you to Qog and whomsoever out there recommended me for this(interrogations begin soon)! And thank you to everyone ...
Vexter Varkus If someone ever deserved a highlight, it was definitely Vaken! I admire the work you do for this community, I really thi...

Community Highlight: Solyc

For our first highlight, I have spoken to Solyc from Clan Shahruun.

The Darth Malgus server is teeming with variety, and Solyc stands out as a significant contributor to our Mandalorian community. Solyc runs both events and hubs, writes lore threads, and has created a dedicated Mandalorian Discord server for public use, while still managing to find time to keep roleplaying inbetween. 

I actually began to regret that highlights run so short, as most of these answers only made me even more curious about both Sol'yc-ad and the player behind her. Thank you so much to Solyc for putting so much thought into the answers and making this a really nice, interesting highlight to kick off with.

Read on to find out more, and for links to Solyc's work after the Q&A!

Nakraa Fun to read! My only experience RPing with Solyc (The character) is when I ran into her at a Bar on Hutta as my Bounty H...
Solyc Shahruun I had a lot of fun answering the questions, and they made me reflect on the time I've been doing Roleplay on TOR. T...