The choice is yours as you reap the spoils of war! Galactic Republic or Sith Empire. Light or Dark. Loyalist or Saboteur. Your decisions will change the future of a galaxy shattered by war.
Published Apr 13, 2019
New armor sets, decorations, weapon tuning, and more have hit the Cartel Market this week!
Published Apr 11, 2019
Game Update 5.10.2 ‘Heralds of Victory’ is live, featuring the Guild Heraldry system and updates to the Preview Window!
Published Apr 11, 2019

Hello guys, welcome to Malgus-RP.

A lot has happened since our last update post. There's been a lot of discussion behind the scenes but it's been very stagnant everywhere else, and we're fully aware of that. We are now planning to move ahead with a schedule for articles going forward so the front page has a bit more life on it.

However, in order for that to happen we have made some changes behind the scenes so the cogs can start ticking away. Lae, our beloved overlord, will be stepping down to a Reporter role and will no longer be on the administration team. I can confirm only minimal blackmail took place for this to happen.

In charge of news reporting in his place, Iradox will be stepping in to review all content for the website and schedule articles with our Reporter team as our Editor-in-Chief.

For whatever bizarre reason, in light of the above, it will be me replacing both the Website Administrator and Forum Administrator positions as of soon-after-this-post.

You may be wondering what this means, and I can answer that quite quickly. Not much, really. We are keeping the same Moderators, and Dalle will remain our steadfast Chat #Badmin with no changes being made to his role.

We will be looking for a new Forum Moderator to take over my old position however, so applications for that are now open until we find a good fit.

To all who do not recognise my name - don't worry, no one else does either. It's lovely to meet you all and I hope to screw up slightly less than the expected average.

Don't hurt me.


Kathryl Let me say that I honestly do not expect you or the staff to publish any kind of content. By all means feel free to do i...
Vexter Varkus Congrats Qog! Thank you guys for keeping the spirit alive! Keep on keepin' it on!
Militus Good luck with all the responcibilities, I'll be rootin'!

Welcome to Progenitor-RP, your new home (community) that brings together social & role-play interaction one step closer to your doorsteps.

Our 'little community' resides in a massive multiplayer online game called Star Wars: The Old Republic, on an European server called 'Progenitor'.

You might be asking yourself: What's role-play?

Role-play as it's name says, is pretending you're someone else than yourself or/and pretending you've got knowledge / power that is also, not your own. For an example - in Star Wars, we pose ourselves as all-mighty and fearless Sith, selfless and righteous Jedi, cunning smugglers, brave troopers,... someone who we're clearly not.

Being a good liar is quite similar to being a good role-player. Both have to get very creative and make other people believe that what they're telling is the truth. The difference is that while being caught out as a liar makes other people grow rather cold toward you, role-playing as a hobby is rather rewarding! It motivates you to continually learn new words & master new phrases and study the world around you in a different way than before.

So, here's the next question straight off the bat: Are there any rules in role-play? 

Yes and no. Yes, there are rules that we must follow as every other player who plays SWTOR that are called the rules of conduct, that for an example forbids us from certain things such as 'cheating' using 3rd-party software or buying credits online.

Role-play itself doesn't have these rules and a lot of what's happening on screen and off screen is guided by something called 'common sense' - it is called common because it consists of things that normally people do not - or do in public. People normally do not threaten to kill each other in a bar every day. People normally do not carry guns with them to the kindergarten or shopping center. People do like to socialize. People do like to eat unhealthy food every now and then. People like credits... you can get the idea. 

There is no real guide on what 'common sense' is, but the quickest way how to 'figure things out' is to ask yourself if you would do it if you were placed in the same situation as your character. Of course, it's not blaster-proof and it doesn't work always as it's bit hard to determine if you'd be capable to lift a bantha if you do not have force-powers... but what if you did have them and you could do just that, would you do it?

There are countless of helpful guides on how to be a 'good' role-player, how to start your journey as one, how to create your first character, how to pick a good name, clothes, how to 'grind' for that very special helmet. I'm going to list a few of them (personal pick):

3 ways to role-play on Wikihow

RPing in MMOs: A Beginner's Guide by Roleplay Headquarters

General Role-Playing Tips and Advice on Springhole

Players often compose their own guides and guide-lines using information found within the franchise and/or their own creativity in the realms of fantasy / sci-fi to share the knowledge they know with other players across the world. Internet makes things like these so much easier and there are countless of websites across the globe with helpful tips & advice. We've got our own forum section dedicated to such guides, shared, maintained and created by the wonderful people from Progenitor-RP community. Be sure to check them out!

Moving on, there's quite an amount of things that I'd like to cover in this article. Starting with---


the grand migration from Swtor-RP to Progenitor-RP

Our forum has quite grown past few days and as the person that's (totally) responsible for keeping the forum boards clean as far as the editing and fiddling with settings that may or may not start the next nuclear war go, I've noticed that a lot of people perhaps failed to notice one of the most powerful functions enjin allows us to do in the world of text.

Here are few helpful tips about editing & creating a thread on our forums:

  • Enjin allows us to align text to both sides and not only to the left as by default, which is called justify and can be used by typing [justify] your text [/justify].
  • You can also use columns to split your text into two, three or even more columns instead of using tables. [columns] your text [nextcol] your text [/columns] 
  • Have something important to show, or a really important announcement to make on top of your post? Warning is your friend! [warning] your text [/warning]
  • You can hide unneeded details by placing them in between a spoiler tag! [spoiler=Name_of_your_spoiler] your text [/spoiler]
  • You can also colour your text to make it 'pop' or in case of writing a story with multiple characters, to make it easier on readers to distinguish them.

Use these for your advantage so the moment you've spent reading through them all doesn't get wasted.

Next up, we've got the forum itself. It's split into six main sections with smaller sub-sections, in total seventeen sub-sections that you can access (not counting our 'cool kids' staff channels that we use to talk mean things about you lot, you know we all do that every-time you turn your back at us. We're living up to your standards!). It does sound rather over-whelming when you say it out loud, but fear not. Underneath each name of the sub-section is a short description of what is it supposed to be used for.

If you take a moment to appreciate the beautiful header to the side of the forum, you'll notice that it shows you a calendary where all the events are highlighted and a small list under-neath that states what events happen and when do they happen with a really smooth count-down that will let you know when the event is about to begin! Next up, we've got a section dedicated purely to the 'art' - that being both written and drawn one. You can only see the few latest / newest additions--- so, if you want to stay up on that fancy leaderboard of activity, you gotta work for it, kid.

And then we've got the rest of the forum in the format that you all know well by now, you can scroll down to load up later threads and if you keep the site entered and wait for some time, you might see that new posts will automatically appear on top of it even if you do not refresh the site itself. So, there's really no need for you to keep hitting that F5 so hard! 

Oh wait, you wanted me to talk about much I loathe on those pesky people for closing down the site? I'm sorry, this was a little clickbait. I really can't complain about it to be honest, I at the very least can finally pretend that I know how to write and manage a forum! And that brings us to...

Feeding the Pain

A lot of role-players from our community have made themselves clear that most of us do indeed disapprove with the way how leadership handled the site from which we're mostly all originating from, Swtor-RP. Some of us have written really long and detailed posts about the things that we loved and the things that we hated more than the monthly subscription fee on SWTOR or getting a whole hypercrate worth of hyper-cubes that have turned into the ugliest mounts the game has to offer or the newest expansion. #TheronForever * Alright, alright. Time out. We've had our fun, we've shed tears and broke a few keyboards, but now we're here. There's no need for us to continue this now.

So, how about we show that we can be a better community, better people?

(And that our posts are way cooler than theirs. I mean... pffth, just look at me rollin' rollin' rollin' with that photoshop.)

* Part of the text was removed due to the possibility of it being too 'baity'.


Hello, I'm LastFlight / Inquisitor and you may know my character as the player behind Xesh, the ever-happy Shi'ido that presents himself as a rather clumsy pureblood, Rotisi Uqni (spell it backward, I dare you!). I first came to Star Wars: The Old Republic in 2013 when the game switched from Pay to Play to Free to Play regime. I'm one of the many foreigners (let's be honest, we're on European server, there are all sorts of languages present) and when I first really started role-playing - it was all done in a group consisting of people that knew my own language or the closest thing to is Czech. Given time, I became curious about other people and eventually found my way into so many different guilds and met so many wonderful people.

Why a male Sith inquisitor? Because I really like his voice (actor) and that's what got me to spend more time with the character going through the story. And also the edgy shoulder-blades. Bless the edgy shoulder-blades. 

I'm the co-administrator of the Progenitor-RP and it's my job to keep things running smoothly (or do my best trying). I'm that shady person in the background who spends their free time asking Uber if I've really used all the appropriate meta-tags for our website, I'm that evil person that temporarily turned off signatures on the entire forum, I'm that devil force that moved shout-box on top of the forum and then made it disappear. I do a lot of mischief that you can see. And even more of the kind that you can't see. But we appear on google search now, so that counts, right? Please don't hate me.

I'm also the catalyst behind the art section of our forum and most of the arrangement of the modules on the site, the same person that has 'created' (credits goes to photoshop for being there for me) the background that you see every-time when you load the website (it's not flash but part of the background, so you can see it on any browser, any computer, any device without much of an err). The person behind the discord logo and--- do I need to go on? I like to do stuff!

Lastly, I'm the annoying person that you've likely encountered in the game, waving around this awfull add:

Ladies and gentlemen of the Progenitor who consider themselves being role-players, with SWTOR-RP shutting down, the community is making its 'new start' at Progenitor-RP (dot) enjin (dot) com - Feel free to check it out! :) 

My own masterpiece. I cannot understand why I wasn't hired by some add company by now. #pride (I'd make their marketing into a real deal.)

...pleased to make your acquaintance!

You've reached the end of the post, congratulations!

You're officially a really cool person for reading through it all.

(Or just a really lazy person if you've skipped through it to see what cool things avait you at the end.)


Nasej A great read! Thank you very much for your efforts!
Damodred You're setting the bar pretty high for the rest to follow, Inquisitor. It was a pleasure to read you!
Qog This was lovely! Nice to meet you, and thank you for all the work so far :)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

allow me to officially welcome you to our new community forums for Progenitor RP!

As you can see the past couple of days has been something of a jumble here and there with the site being set up and the transfer of threads and content to here. I'm sure this change will be a beneficial one to the community and provide us with some needed motivation to get things kicked off once more and in style.

While we've now got our feet back on the ground with a functioning site -- especially a big thank you to LastFlight for their fantastic design skills that has provided up with the great banner and background you see before us now -- don't settle down and think that will be the end of staff interaction or the site's continued growth to become what it aims to be; a community hub.

In the coming days and weeks, there will be plenty of opportunities for people to involve themselves and allow the community to have their say in what they'd like to see on Progenitor-RP.

I ask you all to please familiarise yourselves with the Site Rules, in order to ensure everyone is on the same page of what is expected for behaviour on this site.

Given I am but a single person and would never dream of overseeing such a project as this, we have opened up the Staff Recruitment in search of active and community-orientated moderators to help the forums and creative and engaging writers to join our Reporting Team. We are currently on the look out for three moderators to join for now, though this may be subject to change in the future.

If you feel you'd be suited for it and would like to help out our community, then I encourage you to apply.

For any burning questions you may have about our new site, the running of it or otherwise - please check out our FAQ and feel free to pose any questions you have there that have yet to be answered.

Once more, welcome aboard everybody and I hope you enjoy the ride on our new beginnings together.

Happy roleplaying!