The choice is yours as you reap the spoils of war! Galactic Republic or Sith Empire. Light or Dark. Loyalist or Saboteur. Your decisions will change the future of a galaxy shattered by war.
Published Apr 13, 2019
New armor sets, decorations, weapon tuning, and more have hit the Cartel Market this week!
Published Apr 11, 2019
Game Update 5.10.2 ‘Heralds of Victory’ is live, featuring the Guild Heraldry system and updates to the Preview Window!
Published Apr 11, 2019

Flow is a mental state, not unlike a trance. You’ve probably experienced it in some shape or form either in games, in roleplay, or at work. Mihály Csikszentmihályi coined the term back in 1975 as a way to describe how the brain can reach a state where all of its mental processing ability is focused on a single task.

Consider for a moment what inputs your brain is dealing with right now. Do you have YouTube in another window? Are you stressed about homework, work, or even preparing an event? Are you sneakily reading this while you’re waiting for someone to pop out an emote? There’s more on that later.

We’re all pretty rubbish at multitasking. I’ll crib an exercise from this video to demonstrate. In your head, silently, try reciting the alphabet silently from A-Z, then count from 1-26.

Go ahead.

You can probably do that pretty rapidly, and it probably isn’t very difficult for you either. Now try the same thing, but pair letters and numbers as you go. So, A1, B2, C3, etc. Go until the tenth pair.

When you're ready.

Different, right? If you tried it, you can probably work out why I asked you to do the whole alphabet on the first one, but less than half the second time. We’re bad at multitasking - really bad. In other words, the worst state for your mind to be in is one where it has to consider many things all at once. In fact, this can lead to a stress response, which takes control away from your human bits and puts your lizard brain in charge.

1 Year of Darth Malgus RP!

The title is straight on the nose. Last month it had been a year since the administrative downfall of our previous Enjin site and community migration to our new home here at Darth Malgus RP, marking this website’s first anniversary. Those first few weeks were rough, but this community successfully and efficiently rebuilt itself on this shiny new website, and I may be a tad bias, but if it you ask me, I think it looks better.
Aaand then came the server merges that prompted our rename and rendered all of our the links in our posts and signatures obsolete. But bravely we still slogged on through it and adjusted each and every link in our threads to take you to its intended destination. Let’s not do that again though, please.

This all goes to show that this website receives a good share of tender love and care from the Malgus RP community, who it certainly cannot exist with without. A few months of being knocked down and getting back up again made us better than ever before! But the praise doesn’t belong to the Reporters, Moderators, or the Commander-in-chief, but to the entirely of the community who logs in here and shares their creativity with the rest of the server, gets roleplay rolling and sparks constructive conversation. You deserve a thumbs up! As there’s no reason for the admin staff to do anything without you.

All in all, we’ve had our highs, our lows, but we just keep chugging on and solving our problems, regardless of how great an obstacle bars us from moving forward.

Whether or not you're a frequent reader of the Malgus-RP front page articles and happen to have any suggestions of what you'd like to see on the FP, please take a moment to deposit your thoughts in this thread.

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A Credit a Day, Keeps the Health Dept Away

By Arnie Hamcheck

_theluckyaevester_ word puzzl an rotworms r 4 nerds like BECKY lol :lol: :lol: kark tho new INDY HUTTBAL!!! inkabunga!!! gota say jedi on t...
Kraethas Nova this month's beetle made LARA show and say hello! That, in itself, is an achievement of perfection! Now to work on ...
Meraki Top notch, as always <3

Do you actively portray more than one character? Is your character login page brimming with inspiration, often treated to a new face every few months? Then maybe Altoholics is for you! The support group article that takes a crack at the ins, outs and purposes behind the madness of portraying several roleplay characters in an MMORPG.

6 Reasons Why You May Need an Alt

(clickbait title alert)

Roleplayers are a diverse lot -- that tidbit goes without saying(unless you’ve yet to notice). Many of us prefer to cling to one of many styles of play and these often stick to us like habits. Keep in mind that these habits aren’t necessarily bad, especially if it keeps the player behind the screen happy, as that is of foremost importance when jumping into roleplay. With that said, the contents of this article aren’t intended as instructional -- but as advisory or thought-provoking, though I do hope that it attracts an audience with the similar experiences to relate to my words, and if not, to argue otherwise; because opposition to a point best serves to broaden our understanding.

That said, I can think of several reasons why not to play an alt, because it isn’t necessarily as easy at looks. The most popular opinion heard concerning the reason why players don’t play alts is that they can only focus on one character -- which is a very valid point; especially as alting isn’t as easy as it may seem from the outside.
I think that every altoholic at some point in time consciously begins to struggle with vocabulary and issues of perspective. If you’re like me and can only seem to remember the majority of your vocab 30% of the time, then you’ll know by now that the pain is real(just look at my work on this website!). I’ve come to find that my limited vocabulary is becoming a severe and growing issue when several of my characters start to sound so similar to one another that it becomes difficult to set them apart based on their dialogue.

Thomking I very much agree. There is a reason I don't play a Sith Apprentice or Lord on NS. It simply isn't fitting. T...
Damodred Totally an altoholic here. Though I have one main character that I have been playing from the start, I'm very famil...
Sureshot Nice article. I'm currently juggling around 4 characters at this current moment. One of things I find refreshing ab...

Concept Spotlight

The Party - Part II

Picking up from last month's issue, the second installment to the Party Concept Spotlight discusses relationships with party members and the breaking of a party.

Captain Shanks This entire spotlight, part 1 and part 2, is one of the best written works on my favorite trope to roleplay - Adventure...