As with all community forums, the point of them is to allow a comfortable environment for all to partake and allow people to express themselves and interact with one another. In order to ensure that everything is kept respectful and on-topic, the following rules exist for that reason.

Communication & Behaviour

  • As a community, many people of different countries use the site. As a result, not everyone will have the same grasp of the English language. We ask all users to do their best to use correct grammar whilst being aware of this.
  • When posting, ensure your posts remain on point, relevant to the topic - this includes spam and memes - and respectful to the other users. Disagreements are fine, but keep criticism constructive.
  • Swearing is a part of life. We understand that. So whilst it permitted, excessive or unnecessary amounts of language is not tolerated.
  • Please do not post inappropriate material, as with SWTOR, the site is PG-13 unless stated otherwise in specific forum sections.
  • Not everyone will have the same level of understanding on various topics, keep that in mind when posting and interacting with other users.
  • While these are community forums, it is not the place to settle personal disputes or private issues. Keep them to PM. This includes the creation of threads or posts targeted at specific users.
  • Do not use the forums to infringe upon personal information of users.
  • Due to the diversive nature of it, real life political and religious discussion is not permitted on the forums.
  • Do not post on, or create threads that inquire or question a moderator's actions. If you have any concerns or queries, private message the moderator. If further issues continue, message an administrator.

Equality and Diversity

Many users of this site and community come from varying backgrounds of life. With that in mind, note that no form of prejudice against another player based on gender, sex, age, orientation or otherwise will be tolerated.

We encourage all users to involve themselves in forum discussion and interact with other community members.


  • Please do not post threads text in all CAPITALS unless relevant to the post/topic in question. Likewise, avoid unnecessary heavy use of syntax.
  • Please refrain from posting images larger than 800x600. Any larger than this will be subject to removal. This includes overly large signatures.
  • Explain your ideas clearly and simply. When trying to relay across points to people, be courteous in that simpler explanations at the end of lengthy posts can help surmise posts.
  • Move the discussion forward. Don't be afraid to offer your own insight and ideas to add to the discussion.

What happens if I break a rule?

Should you have infringed upon the rules listed above, the consequences are dependent upon the severity of the rule break.

As a guideline, none of our staff will not - in most situations - act without offering prior warning to those responsible. You will be asked to change your post, signature or avatar prior to staff involvement. But should the nature of it be deemed severely inappropriate, no warning will be given. All users will be informed of the action staff have taken against them.

Potential actions against rule breakers include:

  • Editing of post or signature
  • Removal of signature and image posting privileges
  • Deletion of the post or thread
  • Locking of the thread
  • Removal of forum viewing and/or posting privileges, including site bans
  • Legal action

Terms of Service

Coming soon.

If anyone has any queries or concerns regarding the rules, please contact an administrator.